M80 Aurora Galaxy Eyeliner - "15 Colors" Multi-Color Party Exclusive


Product description: Japanese special craftsmanship with extremely fine pen tip design, anti-smear, waterproof, long-lasting and quick-drying.

Color: Star Gray, Sweety Pink, Galaxy Blue, Ring Star Orange, Meteor Beige, Star Cluster Green, Eternal Pearlescent Bronze, Cat’s Eye Pearlescent Blue, Red Moon Pearlescent Red, Sun Center White, Aurora Blue, Apollo Blue, Interstellar Purple, Comet Wine Red, Superstar Red.

Product Description:
The tip of the pen is derived from Japan's special craftsmanship. It is added with waterproof film and anti-smudge ingredients. It is quick-drying and fixative, and has long-lasting makeup, making it easy to master lines. The gorgeous aurora color system is casual and natural, and can transform into three-dimensional double eyelids.

Product Information:
◎How to use: draw eyeliner along the root of eyelashes
◎Storage method: Please keep it out of reach of infants and young children. Do not place it in extremely high or low temperatures, and avoid direct sunlight.
◎Product Capacity: 0.7 g










來吧 來吧 來吧 !所有星際色彩的精靈們,




星綻灰, 甜星粉, 星河藍, 環星橘, 流星米黃, 星團綠, 永恆珠光古銅, 貓眼珠光藍, 紅月珠光紅, 日心白, 歐羅拉粉藍, 阿波羅藍, 星際紫, 彗星酒紅, 巨星紅, 星綻灰(2入), 甜星粉(2入), 星河藍(2入), 環星橘(2入), 流星米黃(2入), 星團綠(2入), 永恆珠光古銅(2入), 貓眼珠光藍(2入), 紅月珠光紅(2入), 日心白(2入), 歐羅拉粉藍(2入), 阿波羅藍(2入), 星際紫(2入), 彗星酒紅(2入), 巨星紅(2入)