M45 Cosmic rotating Lipstick - quick application and effective moisturizing.


Product description: Tender and moisturizing, water-resistant and oil-resistant without makeup stripping.

Color: Alpha Nude, Beta Pink, Gamma Orange, Delta Red, Zeta Purple Peach, Epsilon Peach, Alta Barbie Pink, Theta Orange Red.

Product Description:
Selected refills, matte material, full color; no-sharpening tube, smooth and easy to draw, easy to reapply makeup; added vitamin E, locks in moisture, effectively moisturizes, provides moisturizing nutrients to lips, and makes lips appear tender , exuding a moisturizing feel.
Apply and maintain at the same time; it won’t discolor without staining, so you can say goodbye to the embarrassment of stained lips. It’s a must-have secret weapon for a good complexion in your makeup bag.

Product Information:
◎How to use: Please rotate the pen, follow the lip shape, and draw gently.
◎Storage method: Please keep it out of reach of infants and young children. Do not place it in extremely high or low temperatures, and avoid direct sunlight.
◎Product capacity: 1.8g













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