M64 Star Mascara-3 in 1


Product description: Slender, thick, and curly; water-resistant and oil-resistant and anti-smudge.

Color: Eclipse Black

Product Description:
The special technology brush head strengthens the eyelids and lower eyelashes, and is equipped with unique soft bristles to easily create a three-in-one effect of slender, thick, and curling, creating the magnifying eyes; water-resistant, oil-resistant, and smudge--resistant.

Product Information:
◎How to use: Apply an appropriate amount of mascara, lift the eyelashes from the root to the tail, repeat the same steps until the required length is reached.
◎Storage method: Please keep it out of reach of infants and young children. Do not place it in extremely high or low temperatures, and avoid direct sunlight.
◎Product capacity: 5g



太陽隱了身 神祕的妳,藏在日頭的背後,準備要淘氣了吧!


防水不暈 好上手


Eclipse Black