M51 Star Liquid Eyebrow Pencil - water-resistant eyebrow.


Product description: 0.1mm ultra-fine soft tip, oil-resistant and water-resistant, easy to use.

Color: Dark Nebula Gray, Reticular Nebula Light Brown, Diffuse Nebula Brown, Spiral Nebula Deep Brown.

Product Description:
The tip of the pen is 0.1mm, which is light and can easily fill in small gaps and draw clear and slender lines at the base of the eyebrow.
24-hour tattoo-like effect, long lasting, can be applied repeatedly, and the eyebrow color can be adjusted freely. With a special water-resistant eyebrow dye formula, you can have a natural eyebrow shape and skin color.

Product Information:
◎How to use: Open the cap of the pen, gently apply the eyebrows one by one to fill the gaps in the eyebrows, and just lightly touch the brows. (Note! There is no need to use an eyebrow brush after applying makeup.)
◎Storage method: Please keep it out of reach of infants and young children. Do not place it in extremely high or low temperatures, and avoid direct sunlight.
◎Product capacity: 1.3g



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